Friday, 11 February 2011

11th February

such an amazing feeling to see fellow egyptians on the news celebrating and feeling a tremendous sense of achievement and relief, theres no way that anyone watching can fail to be moved by these events,
and it shows once again that through unity , all things are possible...i would dearly love to see all of the worlds impoverished people rise up against the corruption and the thieves posing as governments because more than three quarters of the world are suffering because of a relatively few elite blood sucking bastards are grabbing more than their fair share, all governments are criminal is what one albert camus said there is still more work to be done , however today is a great day and celebration is its order!
 18 days ago , we were watching the news completely stunned   to see (live) what we never expected to see  in our lifetimes
we were thus inspired to remix some tunes from mounqaliba that we thought were relevant and poignant to the events as they unfolded.
We dedicated the video/song to the egyptian people and their strength before mubarak resigned and todays victory is hopefully the start of many more like it.....

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  1. I see that you eventually took to new ways of communication :) ما شاء الله - even though you don't know me, أنا أعرف صوتك and you're the guest في بيتي كل يوم. Yours truly fan - Rafał.

    PS. Your album "منقلبة" is fantastic!