Sunday, 27 March 2011

dont eat the dandelions

its around 2 in the morning, its another cant sleep night...and i was thinking about the perpetual cycle of shit, doom and gloom we see on the news, and read in the papers... because of the perpetual cycle of useless consumption that more than half the worlds population are addicted to,
 and it broke my heart... because it seems that more and more..i quote "nous allons vers la mort" ( we are moving towards the death of human civilisation)  paul, a retired builder  said this as we were walking along the prettiest fields in gascony. "oh and dont eat the dandelions this year" he continued   "they did tests and found traces of radiation from japans nuclear reactors fall out already, we were'nt expecting it until next week" he said.
" what? Already?  all the way down here in south france?!! So what can we eat from our fields this year?" i asked
"not much" he said  " and this shit sticks around for 10,000 years or so i have been informed" he added.
needless to say i went home in a morbid state of anxiety that tends to linger around like luggage for days and days.
   If you have do you sleep at night?
actually How the fuck does anyone sleep at night. There is no end to the threat of the falling economies around the world, no end to sickness and poverty,  no end in sight to enviromental disasters if we keep using highly dangerous materials to make energy.
our current value system and culture is uncivilized and backwards, because it is a culture based on the monetary system. This system only really benefits the upper one percent, and the rest of us just get by in the hope that things will get better,  or that we will get a raise... or a promotion,  or win the lottery! so that we too can benefit like the elite upper one percent! ..a fools game dont you think?
and of course all of the worlds greatest problems are monetary equals war, famine, illness, poverty, enviromental disasters and and and etc etc... it continues and will continue as it has done for eons, decades and centuries whilst we perpetuate this sick system that does not and cannot work.
ultimately we will be destroyed, because all it an Addiction to Acquisition!! think about it.  Wether it be an individual or a corporate entity, the result is the same.
We need a new system,  to quote my friend peter joseph and the zeitgeist movement and Venus project..." a redesign of culture where declare all the worlds resources the common heritage of man"
 To be truly economic and scientific , we need to be referencing natural law.
at the moment within the profit driven monetary system there is a block on real scientific advancements that would benefit the planet as a whole because there are no incentives to solve any profitable problems so the cycle of shit continues.
We need to talk about these things every day, teach our children, tell our friends, families and neighbours that there could be another way forward,
It is not a given yet but truly, there could be another way.....  i said this in mine and samy's recent  video 'Egypt rise to Freedom'
and i'll say it again....Through unity all things are possible"
goodnight and goodluck!


  1. i wrote this blog at 2.30 am in a half dazed state so please forgive any grammatical errors and or lack of punctuation...just noticed an error
    in the line "where declare all the worlds resources" i meant to say
    where WE declare all the worlds resources!!! ooops

  2. Je suis très très inquiète, et je le suis encore plus pour mon fils et sa génération. Les choses naturelles de la vie sont toutes devenues dangereuses : la nourriture, l'amour (la sexualité) et tout le reste est alarmant: se balader dans la nature, nager, le travail, l'enseignement (école), la santé etc....
    Certains disent que nous sommes à l'aube de la 3ème guerre mondiale.
    Saurions-nous survivre? Nous ne savons pas reconnaître les plantes comestibles (et même celles-ci sont radiées, polluées...), nous ne savons pas nous construire des habitations de fortune etc...
    Dans cette société individualiste, ce n'est pas la solidarité qui peut nous donner un espoir. Il y a un gros travail à faire là-dessus.
    Je suis très inquiète.

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  5. The people who raise at this time shows us the way. They understood that nothing should be expected in the system. I see a hope, even if the fight is difficult. This system may fall as "les tigres de paier" (these arab dictators) fell... In this disaster there may be optimism. There was no other choice.

  6. The continual flow of shit looks like it won't stop. I hear they are putting chemicals in our foods now. We have no chance if all that is happening around us too. Simple fact is as a whole we'll never learn. It's just going to keep destroying us making us more and more doomed over the coming years.

  7. Natacha.. your words inspire me. You are exactly right on with this post.. I feel the same way. I'll leave you with a PJ quote:

    The choice lies with you. You can continue to be a slave to the financial system and watch the continuous wars, depressions and injustices across the globe while placating yourself with vain entertainment and materialistic garbage, or you can focus your energy on true, meaningful, holistic, lasting change which has the realistic ability to support and free all humans with no one left behind. The revolution is now.