Friday, 11 February 2011

Egypt: Rise to Freedom Remix, in support of my fellow Egyptians

This is a remix of material from “Mounqaliba”. We were inspired to do this by the news from Tahrir Square.
Here's a translation :

<< Mubarak : “My fellow citizens..A fine line lies between freedom...and chaos.” >>

Natacha :

Let us stand together and awaken ,
Let us question, learn and study;
Listen, understand and think.
Let us understand,
Permit us to know-
Permit us to know freedom.

Let us know there is a land
where words are the purveyors of truth,
heads are held high,
And human will is regarded above all.

Where the world is not split into a thousand fragments,
Under siege, forgotten, or lost -
Let us perceive of it,
Let us know that place.
Let us know our land,
where words are the purveyors of truth.

<< Mubarak : “My fellow citizens..A fine line lies between freedom...and -” >>


  1. Soo good!!! Mounqualiba, in a state of reversal.. an album that questionned, challenged and advocate for change ...You and Samy were clearly in the same moods the People of Egypt today.. as if they had been inspired by your album!!

  2. Bravo Sweet Voice eyes are crying for the soul of Egyptian people ...may the power of love overcome this Fascist Regime of Bullies Yalla ! X X X Stu .( and your Album ............So Special ........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. i am 3 generations Canadian flying the Egyptian flag today

  4. Thanks! Your struggle is our struggle

  5. Thanks a lot for what you are doing, and special thanks for translation. although I've taken up Arabic classes thanks to your music, the translation is still necessary to understand the lyrics ;) Salam!